Who are the Muslims?

Who are the Muslims? (1)

A Muslim is the one who submits his will to God; hence a follower of Islam is

a Muslim. A Muslim is a human being just like everyone else, hence just like all humans,

a Muslim is not perfect, and just like everyone else has his/her flaws and mistakes. Islam

is not judged by Muslims, but rather Muslims are judged by Islam. Unfortunately, in today's world there are many Muslims who violate and deviate from the true teachings of Islam; they are in no way representatives of Islam. If a Muslim is doing

something wrong, it is because that Muslim has strayed off the correct path, and it is actually through Islam that the Muslim perfects his character and behavior. If you are interested in chatting with Muslims, to learn more about Muslims, who we are etc, then feel free to sit and chat with us at Chat Islam Online.

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Who are the Muslims?

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Muslims come from all races, nationalities and cultures across the globe. They have varied languages, foods, dress, and customs; even the way they practice may differ. Yet they all consider themselves to be Muslim.

Less than 15% of Muslims live in the Arab world; a fifth are found in Sub-Saharan Africa; and the world’s largest Muslim community is in Indonesia. Substantial parts of Asia, and almost all Central Asian republics, are Muslims. Significant Muslim minorities are found in China, India, Russia, Europe, North America and South America.

Over a billion people from all races, nationalities and cultures across the globe are Muslims-from the rice farms of Indonesia to the desert heart of Africa ; from the skyscrapers of New York to the Bedouin tents in Arabia .

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