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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the last and final prophet of God. Even before receiving Revelation, Prophet Mohammed was well known for his excellent manners and his integrity. He was, in fact, given the title, "The Trustworthy" by his people. Humble, and kind, protective of the orphans, weak and elderly, Prophet Mohammed taught his people the message of true monotheism. He also taught them to give charity, to respect family relations, and avoid tribalism or racism. He preached equality of the sexes and the importance of peace and mercy. Despite all of the hardships and obstacles he faced in delivering the message of Islam, including  physical abuse, mockery, and being driven out of his own city by his people, he clung firmly to his message (that there is no God worthy of worship except God), preaching Islam for 13 years in Mecca and 10 years in Madinah. In fact, he was reported as stating that even if his people were to offer him the sun and moon (as bribes), he would never abandon the message of Islam.

One thing that is very important to note is that Muslims do not worship the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We do not believe that he was a super human, or a divine figure; rather, he was the perfect example for all mankind, and the role model for all generations of Muslims. His message is of universal nature, relevant for all times. He was a man who showed us the way to God. Here at Chat Islam Onlinewe would be more than happy to clear up any doubts you may have and answer any questions on Prophet Mohammed.

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Ex. No. (1)

It was narrated that ‘Aisha, May Allah be pleased with her, said to the Prophet, Peace be upon him: "Have you ever come across a day harder than the day of Uhod (one of the battles with the polytheists, in which Muslims were defeated failing to comply with the Prophet's instructions)?" He replied: "I have suffered from your people a lot. The hardest I suffered was on the day of Akaba (a place name). I brought out my message to Abd Yaleil bin Abd Kalal. He did not respond positively to what I called him for. I left there with a grief-stricken face. I did not wake up from that feeling, until I was near Karn-Ath-Tha-aleb (a place name). I raised my head, where I found a cloud casting its shadow over me. Upon looking, I saw Jibril (the angel) into it. He called upon me: Allah (the Almighty) has heard the saying of your people, and what kind of reply they gave to you. Allah has sent the angel of the mountains for you ready to do with them whatever you ask. The angel of the mountains called, and saluted me saying: "Oh Muhammad, what I do will be as you request. If you want, I close the two mountains on them?"  The Prophet, Peace be upon him, replied: "Instead of that, I am hoping that Allah (the Al mighty) will create from their offspring people who worship Allah alone, without ascribing partners unto Him" narrated by Al Bukhari

Ex. No. (2): 

It was narrated that Ibn-Omar (the son of Omar), May Allah be pleased with both of them, said that after one of the battles of the Prophet PBUH, a woman was found killed. In response, the Prophet PBUH prohibited the killing of women and children. Narrated by Al Bukhari.

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By Yusuf Estes, Former Christian Preacher

Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib
Born 570 C.E. (Christian Era); died 633 C.E.


The following is based on books, manuscripts, texts and actual eyewitness accounts, too numerous to mention herein, preserved in original form throughout the centuries by both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Many people today are discussing Prophet Muhammad, may Allah exalt his mention. Who was he exactly? What did he teach? Why was he loved so much by some and hated so much by others? Did he live up to his claims? Was he a holy man? Was he a prophet of God? What is the truth about this man? You be the judge. 

Here are the facts as narrated by thousands of people, many of whom knew him personally.

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One of the ways in which a person proves his prophethood is honesty, whether it be in regards to incidents in the past, in their everyday life, or things to come in the future.  In addition to the Quran, there are many sayings of Prophet Muhammad which contain prophecies he made in his lifetime dealing with near and distant future.  Some of them have come true, others await fulfillment.  Hudhaifah, a disciple of Prophet Muhammad, tells us:

“The Prophet once delivered a speech in front of us wherein he mentioned everything [all the signs] that would happen till the Final Hour without leaving anything.  Some of us remembered it and some forgot it.  After that speech, I used to see events taking place which were referred to in that speech, but I had forgotten them before their occurrence.  Then I would recognize such events as a man recognizes another man who has been absent and then sees and recognizes him.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

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